NOTE: Payouts are calculated during the printing of the Race Results Report.


NOTE: Run the List Payouts report  to the Screen before writing/printing checks to double check that the amounts/recipients are correct.


| Print | Payouts & Checks | List Payouts | - List the payout information to the screen first, then you can send the list to the printer. Use the printed list as the guide for hand-writing the checks, or for inputting them into some other accounting system.


When you first list the payouts to the screen, the following Message/Prompt pops up over the report:


If you answer [Yes], the checks will be posted to the checkbook as written/printed. Use this option if you are hand-writing the checks and want to keep a record of the checks and check numbers in the Barreltime Checkbook.


If you answer [No], the checks & check numbers will not be saved to the checkbook unless/until you Print them on the Printer.



| Print | Payouts & Checks | List Payouts |