Some Show Managers prefer to Prepare the Payout Checks before the Race is Run. If all racers are pre-registered (no last minute registration allowed beyond the Registration cut-off date/time) the checks can be prepared ahead of time:


These options work similar to the List Payouts options, except that the name field is left blank on the list, and is also left blank on the checks if you print them.


The logic of printing the checks ahead of time is that the checks and payout amounts are ready to go -- except that you need to hand-write the names on the checks.  A tie will require you to hand-write the checks for the tying payouts.


| Print | Payouts & Checks | Pre-Race Payouts | Print Checks | - Prints the checks with the Payee line left blank.

| Print | Payouts  & Checks | Pre-Race Payouts | List Payouts | - Lists the payout totals to the printer (or screen) as a guide for preparation.