This Menu Choice is used to Assign Run Numbers and/or Edit Run Numbers.


There are times that there are too few Runs in a race to do an Auto-Draw, or sometimes, you need to edit the Run Order.  (Maybe the Auto-Draw put two riders who share a horse in the same drag....)  Use the Input/Edit Run Number Option to change the Run Numbers:




Select the Rider/Horse then input the New/Changed Run #.  Click [Save].



In this instance when you [Save], Megan Krieger on Dottie will disappear.  That's because she has been assigned Run# 4 which drops to the end of the file:



When the Run #s have been assigned/edited appropriately, [Cancel].


RollOver Runs can be Flagged here as well.  If the time is to be Carried Forward from another Race, leave the Run# "0.0" and Check the Rollover Checkbox.  Or UnCheck if not a RollOver Run.


Note: The Race Name contains the word "Rollover" in order to trigger the Rollover/Carry Forward functions.

If you don't want the word "Rollover" on the Race Results Report, change the name prior to printing. 


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