Previous versions of BarrelTime used NEBS Checks as the Default Check Layouts:



NEBS (according to their Customer Support person) is dropping its separate identity and is fully merging with Deluxe, which has been a separate part of the same company for years.


The three Default Check Layout Styles for BarrelTime are:


Deluxe SSLT104 (formerly NEBS 13272) which is one Business-sized check per page with 2 vouchers;

Deluxe DLW001 (formerly NEBS 13085) which is 3 wallet sized checks with check stubs per page;

Deluxe SSLA108 (formerly NEBS) which is 3 Business-sized check per page with no voucher/stub.


You can use the default format(s) as a starting point to configure your own printing default.  Once you have configured to you need, set your check format; | Utilities | Set-Up Defaults | Check Formats | Set Check Format |:




Click [Select] to make the selected Default or Custom Configuration your default check format.


Or, you can order checks from Deluxe to fit your preferred format;


Deluxe Business Checks can be viewed or ordered at:


BarrelTime has no business relationship with Deluxe or NEBS.