Use this option to Import and Post Times from a Source Race to the Riders/Horsed Registered in this Race.  A "RollOver" Race always has the word "Rollover" (not case sensitive) in the Race Name to tell BarrelTime that this is the Destination Race for rollover times.  Example: "Senior 4D Rollover" will tell BarrelTime that all or some of the times will be imported from a Source race.


This Menu Option is available from both the Registration Menu and the Timer Menu.


You are first asked to Select the Source Race (the Race that has Actual Run times), followed by the Destination Race (the Race that the Run times are being posted to):




Then you will be asked if ALL the Runs in the Destination Race will be RollOver Times:


[Yes] will post ALL Registered Runs in this Destination Race as Rollover Times, then advise you that the Race Results are Ready to run.


[No] will only post Rollover Times to Runs that have been Registered as Rollovers, then advise you that the Race is Ready to be Run for the non-RollOver Riders/Horses.


Note: Before Running the Race -- Print an Order of Run for Posting and to Verify that the RollOvers and Rider/Horse Runs have been properly entered.  Print in Run Number order or in Alphabetic order.


Note: The Race Name contains the word "Rollover" in order to trigger the Rollover/Carry Forward functions.

If you don't want the word "Rollover" on the Run Order or Race Results Report, change the name prior to printing. 


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